CART: Children's Aransas Repertory Theatre Drama club

Fall 2019 Production: The Wizard of Oz

 The Wizard of Oz follows Dorothy and her dog Toto when they are caught in a tornado's path and somehow end up in the land of Oz. 


Misty Kimbrough • Dorothy Barringer

Special thanks to Jan Sherman • CeCe Jackson  • Photography by Traca Miller  • Mikki Falcon  •  Jeremy Polotko  •  George V. Sherman, III

Set & Costume Construction

Cast & Crew & Phyllis Sayre



Abby Dodson - Tornados/Flower/Bee

Addison Kopp -  Glinda the Good Witch 

Brooks Miller - Narrator

Crosby Miller  - Toto

DJ Dodson - Tornados/Flower/Bee

Emmaleigh Martinez - Tinman 1

Gabi Vasquez - Cowardly Lion

Jami Bleiker -.Scarecrow

Madi Tharp - Dorothy 3/Tornado/Flower

Kirsten Nanez - Tinman 2 

Leah Barringer - .Dorothy 1

Caroline Stephenson - Joe/Wolf/Tornado 2

Luke Wilson - Burly/Crow/Gatekeeper

Mattie Wilson - Dorothy 2

Aubrey Miller - Wicked Witch/Stage Manager

Jasmine Vasquez - Aunt Em/Bee

Faith Vasquez -.Curly/Crow/Rumble

Maya Dale - Woody/Wolf/Tornado

Russ B. Walker - Uncle Henry/Wizard

Directed by: Russ & Suzy Walker