Additional Information

 The Rialto Theater is a community theater fostering education in the arts:  visual arts, music and live theater throughout the year in the Coastal Bend.
To continue our mission, we need financial assistance to fund productions and administrative costs which are many in this restored historical venue.   We need your help on many levels:  

  • Board Members who will actively seek avenues of support and develop programs and improvements;
  • Fund raisers.  Is that your expertise?  If so, join our Board and help us do just that.
  • Find event sponsors.
    • Is there a play or musical you would like to see at the Rialto?  Licensing and production costs can range from $1000 to several thousand dollars for one production.  One of our desires is to do musicals, but their permissions and production costs are currently prohibitive for us without major funding.  
  • Grant writers to find the means to fund major renovations needed to bring our performance facilities up to practical conditions.  Ask for a back stage tour to learn more about our current conditions and what is needed as major improvements.
  • Grants or donations to help fund a salaried director for theater operations.

Please email to discuss your interest to help.
If you wish to make a cash donation, thank you very much . . . click the button below. 

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